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Stream diversions, flood control, hazardous waste containment, dams, prevention of levee overtopping, silt barriers and temporary water storage are just a few applications of Aqua Dam®, a revolutionary system of controlling water with water presented by the Layfield Group.

Not only Aqua Dam® is easy to use, it delivers impressive results at a fraction of the cost of earthen dams, sandbags or sheet piling. Aqua Dam® is lightweight, easy to transport, and can be reused over and over again. Some of the more common uses of Aqua Dam® include:

  • Stream crossings during pipeline installation.
  • Easy, rapidly deployed flood water control.
  • Water containment during repairs to bridges, diffusers, and sewage systems.
  • Construction and repairs to seawalls and groins.
  • Temporary containment or repair of pond liners.
  • Silt containment and sediment collection.
  • Erosion control through diversion or containment.
  • Temporary footbridge through environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Water storage for stock, wildlife, fire protection, or other agricultural uses.

Faced with temporary water control challenges? Consider Aqua Dam®. It's an innovative concept that saves valuable time and labor and best of all, it's ecologically safe.  To find out more about Aqua Dam® please visit Layfield Environmental Systems website.

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